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Access Control System to Safeguard

Your Business

An access system is by far the simplest and most efficient way of controlling movement into and within your business premises. These systems can give you total daily control of access and bring a unique level of security and peace of mind. We have the tools and expertise to design a system tailor made to your unique business needs and budget.

Exceptional Features

Access control has exceptional features that strengthens the security system of your office. This type of system can monitor for doors opened with force such as in a break in or if a door was held open for longer than the allocated time. It will also alert you to doors opened without approved credentials. 

This innovative system is based on pre-programmed criteria in a Physical Access Control System (PACS) and then uploaded to an Access Control Panel (ACP).  We are your trusted specialist in Access Control.

Security & Fire Contractors
Security & Fire Contractors

Creating a Safer Place
for Your Business

By installing an access control system you are providing a safer environment for you, your business, and your employees. Our in-house security professionals take time to get familiar with your business and design a custom security solution with your unique needs and budget in mind. In addition there are several additional layers of security that can be added to increase protection.  Please see links below for information on products specifically designed with SCHOOLS and CHURCHES in mind.   Your security and peace of mind is our top priority!  Contact us today for a free estimate.