Security & Fire Contractors

Camera Surveillance Systems

As a local company, we understand securing your business is perhaps the most critical aspect of day to day operations. Installation of electronic security systems provide peace of mind knowing your protected from external threats.

Easy to Access

Our intelligent security system lets you monitor your business from desktops, tablets, or smartphones. After serving multiple clients, we know how to improve operations, security, and loss prevention. 


Video Surveillance

An electronic security system provides the ultimate in safety as it utilizes both camera surveillance as well as auditory and silent alarms. Our systems can be viewed and monitored on site via desktop monitors or while away or even from home from smart phones and laptops. We can design a system to protect buildings and business of any size.

We offer services to:

  • Restaurants

  • Hotels

  • Offices

  • Stadiums

  • Apartment Buildings

  • Warehouses

  • Medical Facilities

In addition, we provide superior security and fire protection solutions to homeowners.